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Concrete coated bending branches

Connecting elements of pipeline
(cold bending and induction branches).

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Connecting elements of pipeline (cold bending and induction branches) with outer diameter from 219 mm up to 1420 mm with external concrete weight coating and monitoring systems are designed for construction, repair and upgrading of underwater passages of pipelines, of submerged crossing of pipelines, crossing through swampland, pipe laying at watered and offshore areas as well as for underground, onshore or above-ground pipe laying in seasonal frozen and weak soils.

No. Parameter Unit of measurement Values
1 Diameter range mm 219 - 1420
2 Concrete density kg/m3 1900 - 3400
3 Concrete coating thickness mm 40-150
4 Compressive strength PMa 40
5 Production with metal cage - Yes
6 Repairability - Yes

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