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The main value for “Pipeline Coating and Technologies” LLC is its staff. We have functional and goal-seeking professionals, having respect for their colleagues. Our staff reference point basic principle is to be the first in everything.

The key to the Company’s stability is continuous improvement of personnel skills. Every employee of “Pipeline Coating and Technologies” LLC is an individual person who requires relevant approach: unique further training and complementary programs have been created in order to open professional and personal qualities of an employee in full in the best possible way.

One of the most important components of Company’s HR strategy is creating sustainable staff, recruiting, and holding young qualified employees, assisting them in assimilation in production process, giving opportunities of professional development, and promoting of tolerant attitude to young professionals in the Company.

The Company strictly observes statutory regulations of labor, administrative, pension and tax legislation; builds its relation with the employees based on consistent and long-term partnership, providing competitive work conditions and social protection.

Primary objectives of HR-policy:

  • optimization and stabilization professionals in key subdivisions of the Company;
  • optimization and stabilization professionals in key subdivisions of the Company;
  • creation effective employee motivation system;
  • creation and development of systems for training and advanced training;
  • collaboration with educational institutes and work with graduates;
  • creation and support managerial order of the Company, promotion the responsibilities of staff, labor and operation discipline;
  • development and consolidation of corporate culture of the Company.