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External Protective Concrete Coating

External protective concrete coating is designed to protect isolation (anticorrosion and/or thermo-hydro-insulation) coating of pipeline from mechanical damage during construction, upgrading, repair and during operation.

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External Protective Concrete Coating (hereinafter - EPCC) is applied by "impingement" method, this method is high technology and advanced as well as unique in the Russian Federation. This technology complies with Russian and international standards (DNV-OS-F101) and strictly complies with regulatory documents for EPCC pipes:

- Construction rules and regulations (SNiP) III-42-80 * “Main pipelines”;

- Construction rules and regulations (SNiP) 2.05.06-85 * “Main pipelines”.

EPCC pipes are used in construction, upgrading and capital repair of pipelines and allow, as a rule, to improve quality and rate of construction process.

The coating produced by our Company has a wide range of applications for various methods of pipelines laying:

- trenchless pipe laying with path control of variable radius with end application of dragging force (for example, horizontal drilling);

- trenchless pipe laying with path control of variable radius with side application of dragging force (for example, Direct Pipe);

- trenchless straight laying with end application of dragging force (for example, puncture hole, dragging, horizontal drilling, micro tunneling);

- trenchless straight laying or curve laying with constant radius of path with side application of dragging force (Curve method);

- trench laying from the edge of trench, cable-stayed and cross-over beam crossing;

- trench laying by dragging along the bottom of the trench.

Moreover, usage of EPCC pipes has the following advantages:

- excluding possibility of anticorrosion coating damage during transportation, construction or upgrading works and operation of gas pipelines due to protective concrete coating, which increases service life of site;

- in construction of pipeline crossings with direct drilling method; when making cased hole in difficult geological conditions, EPCC pipes could be used in order to preserve the isolation coating of pipeline, which makes it possible to avoid the use of expensive steel pipe casing and reduce the drilling costs (reduction of cased hole diameter);

- large range of EPCC densities allows ballast pipelines by horizontally directed drilling during installation of service lines. The hollow pipeline, located in solution-filled drilling channel, can float up and press the walls of cased hole, increasing friction during pulling. With significant extension of horizontal section of the cased hole, in order to reduce buoyancy of pipeline and a traction force, it is necessary to use the ballasting of pipeline;

- EPCC pipes can be produced with spiral slots in order to improve the bending stiffness of pipe.

No. Parameter Unit of measurement Values
1 Diameter range mm 219 - 1420
2 Concrete density kg/m3 1900 - 3400
3 Concrete coating thickness (depending on reinforcement type) mm 15-150
4 Compressive strength grade, min. - В25
5 Production with metal cage - Yes
6 Production with reinforcing wire mesh - Yes
7 Integral form - Yes
8 Repairability - Yes

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